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In recognition of the firm’s quality training services, the International Institute of Certified Forensic Investigation Professionals Inc. USA (IICFIP) has given Accreditation to Shadrack & Co. as a Tuition Centre. As an IICFIP Accredited Tuition Centre, Shadrack & Co. is officially authorised to provide training on IICFIP programmes leading to the award of Certified Forensic Investigations Professional (CFIP) certification.


The Certified Forensic Investigations Professional (CFIP) certification is a mark of recognition for excellence in forensic investigation skills.

About IICFIP Incorporation

IICFIP is the world’s unique organisation that not only brings together Forensic Investigators but also provides forensic investigation skills training to all who are interested in forensic investigations. IICFIP members in various parts of the globe are well equipped to carry out effective forensic investigations in government institutions and other situations that require forensic skills. The IICFIP global training policy and arrangement is unrivalled by any professional organisation in the world.

Course Structure

Students are required to complete 8 modules. A maximum of 2 modules are available for exemption. The course modules to be covered are:

  • Criminology and Psychology
  • Principles and Practice of Accounting
  • Computer and Digital Forensics or Telecommunication
  • Forensics and Fraud Management
  • Fraud Auditing and Forensic Accounting
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Studies on Fraud and Corruption
  • Investigation Law
  • Investigative Accounting


  • A holder of CPAK, ACCA or CIMA will be exempted from Principles and Practice of Accounting
  • A holder of LLB and above will be exempted from Investigation Law
  • A holder of Digital Forensics Certification will be exempted from Computer and Digital Forensics
  • A holder of CFE will be exempted from Studies on Fraud and Corruption

CFIP Certificates

CFIP certificates will be awarded by the IICFIP at the end of the course.

Training Options

Option I: Students from Outside Nairobi, Kenya
Five (5) months learning by correspondence with Continuous Assessment Tests (CATs) plus 1 month residential training in Nairobi, Kenya. Candidates sit for final exams at the end of the 1 month residential training.
NB. Students are required to pay separately for their accommodation, breakfast and supper during the one month residential training. The Tuition Centre caters for lunch and day time teas.

Option II: Students from Nairobi, Kenya
Six (6) months evening classes in Nairobi, Kenya with Continuous Assessment Tests (CATs). Candidates sit for final exams at the end of the period.

Option III: Students who cannot get time for residential training and evening classes
Twelve (12) months learning by correspondence with Continuous Assessment Tests (CATs). Candidates sit for final exams at the end of the period.

Fee Payment Options

    1st instalment (on admission)  
  2nd instalment (3rd month)  
  Final instalment (5th month)  
  Total Fee
Learning Option 1   USD 1,500/-   USD 1,500/-   USD 1,820/-   USD 4,820/-
Learning Option 2    Kshs 50,000/=    Kshs 50,000/=    Kshs 82,000/=    Kshs 182,000/=
Learning Option 3   USD 800/-   USD 800/-   USD 1,120/-   USD 2,720/-

Enrolment for Training - Closing Dates

January to June: 30th Dec. of the previous year

July to December: 15th June of the same year

One Month Residential Training Dates

January to June Semester: 15th May to 14th June

July to December Semester: 15th Nov to 14th Dec.

Frequency of Exams

Examinations will be held twice in a year, i.e. in June and December of every year.

Closing Dates for Exams Registration

June Exam: 15th February of the same year

December Exam: 15th August of the same year


Where applicable, students’ attendance and progress reports will be sent regularly to their sponsors.

Registration Requirements

Students should hold any one of the following minimum basic requirements:

  • 3 years working experience in any field
  • Degree on any discipline
  • Advanced diploma in criminology with experience in investigations or law enforcement
  • Holders of ACCA, CPAK, CIMA, without degrees can also apply
  • Holders of relevant degrees will attain some exemption.

Payment of Fees

Fees should be paid to the following bank account:

  • Account name: Shadrack & Co.
  • Bank: KCB
  • Branch: Kitengela
  • Account No.: 1166408434
  • Swift code: KCBLKENX
  • Bank code: 01

Bank deposits and direct bank transfers are the only accepted modes of payment. Receipt is issued upon confirmation that the payment is credited and cleared in the bank account.

Forensic Investigation

Forensic investigation profession is emerging as one of the most sought after professions by governmental and non governmental bodies. Some of the skills set of a CFIP are:

  • Fraud/corruption prevention and detection
  • Forensic investigation
  • Criminal investigation
  • Design & implementation of preventive controls
  • Internal investigations
  • Expert witnessing
  • Tracing hidden assets in divorce & money laundering cases
  • Fraud risk audit
  • Forensic accounting
  • Fraud auditing

To register, please download the CFIP Course Enrolment Form here, fill and send us a scanned copy of the form by e-mail.

CPA Shadrack Adino (MBA, BCOM, CPA-K, FCFIP) Conducting Training

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We recognise that our continued relationship with our clients depends on our ability to provide value for money. We will therefore strive to keep our promises, work with integrity, take up assignments for which we have the ability to perform, deliver beyond client’s expectation and continuously improve on our services.

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