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At Shadrack & Co. we provide world class professional services standing upon pillars of Client Satisfaction, Integrity, Timely Delivery and Continuous Improvement. Our services include:


Institutional Audit

This is an audit that involves examination of the books of account and financial operations of an organisation as a whole. Institutional audit reports are usually useful for filing returns to Kenya Revenue Authority and to NGO Coordination Board in the case of NGOs.


Forensic (Investigative) Audit

This is an audit that is normally conducted to find out if fraud or theft has taken place and the extent of the fraud or theft. It is done when fraud/theft is suspected or when fraud / theft has been detected in a particular area and the magnitude is not known.


Tax Consultancies

The services include filing tax returns, advice on PAYE, withholding tax, VAT, corporation tax and other tax related matters


Training Services

We help nurture talents within organisations. We conduct training in seminars attended by staff from different organisations and those organised by individual organisations (in-house, tailor-made trainings). Topics include: Finance for Non Finance Professionals, Red Flags of Fraud, Fraud Detection and Prevention, Internal Control Systems, Accountancy and Book keeping, among others.


Financial Management

This involves helping an organisation to manage / control its financial and other resources and hence operate within its means. We also accept donor funds on behalf of beneficiaries particularly in cases where a donor wants an independent professional to help manage the funds


Accountancy Services

This involves preparing and maintaining books of accounts and preparing budgets and financial statements for an organisation. This service also entails interpreting financial statements for management and explaining their implication.


Management Consultancy

This entails designing organisational structure, helping with staff recruitment and allocation of staff to various functional departments, medium term and long term planning, among others. In other words, we help develop Strategic Plans for Organisations


NGOs Annual Returns

It is a legal requirement that NGOs file annual returns to the NGO Coordination Board. The returns must meet certain minimum requirements. We help with the filing of annual returns.


Grant Audit

This entails examination of the books of account of an organisation to find out how funds of a particular donor have been utilised. Usually grant audits are done to fulfil donor requirements. Grant audit reports are usually forwarded to donors.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Once an organisation starts implementing its own or donor agreed plans, we come in to track whether plans / agreements are being adhered to and whether the intended outcomes have been or are being realised.

Procurement Consultancies

This entails examination of existing procurement procedures, find out whether the organisation is losing money when procuring and recommend how to strengthen the existing procurement procedures.

Development of Finance Manual & Other Policy Manuals

We help develop tailor-made Finance Manuals that clearly explain policies and procedures of handling various organisational transactions. We also help develop Procurement Manuals and Human Resource Manuals, among others.

Why Choose Us

We recognise that our continued relationship with our clients depends on our ability to provide value for money. We will therefore strive to keep our promises, work with integrity, take up assignments for which we have the ability to perform, deliver beyond client’s expectation and continuously improve on our services.

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